2018 recap and burning barrel patio



I appear to have given up blogging for an entire year. It’s no secret that it takes time and the less I do it the worst it gets as I have no idea how to format things and add pictures anymore. Instagram is no help either… Continue reading “2018 recap and burning barrel patio”


staying warm

Snow at last

We finally got our first snow fall (dump). This winter has been so dry, the lack of storms means most days with very bad air quality and restrictions on using wood stoves. Our wood stock is still mostly intact as opposed to the good people in Vermont who have burnt through most of theirs… We are keeping warm, each of us occupied with mini house repair projects, new looms and nerf wars. Continue reading “staying warm”

Firewood accomplished

fire wood 2018

Last Saturday morning was spent sorting and splitting a cord of the least impressive firewood we ever had delivered to us. It’s our fault, you wait that late in the season and you’ll get expensive gnarly left-overs. Lesson hard-learned. The wood shelter is holding most of the cord which is a happy surprise. Especially since it has finally started raining and snow is in the forecast. I am making a point of bringing in bags of the wood that didn’t fit in and using it first. Continue reading “Firewood accomplished”

Bamboo: a first look

     Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017

This June during my French trip I visited my aunt and uncle in Chateuneuf-sur- Cher. They are exceptional gardener, their potager (veggie garden) is legendary.  When they are not tending their own plot they also dig at a nearby community garden. This garden is flanked by a river ( Le Cher) and a bamboo grove. The size of the canes are epic and I was completely mesmerized. In the photo above my uncle Pierre-Yves who is thin and tall  walk amongst the towering canes.  Continue reading “Bamboo: a first look”

Back fence project

bean pole teepee

This picture might be the only one I have of the old crumbling shed ( I have dreamt its demise since we moved in 10 years ago) and one of the few pictures of the veggie beds my dad and I built out of repurposed palette wood a few years ago. Suffice it to say they didn’t last long and while I have been hating on and lamenting the vinyl fence behind them, this summer I decided to take it all down and start over.  Continue reading “Back fence project”

Baronne Prévost rose, an update

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 9.14.25 PM
Baronne Prévost

This hybrid perpetual rose was purchased at the Red Butte Garden plant sale in the spring of 2015, the plant was a very small, rooted by High Country Roses in Colorado. Like all small cuttings they take many years to get going in the heat/cold of Utah but this one was always vigorous. I first spotted the shrub at Red Butte Garden just above the scented garden. It has a great shape and flowers all the summer there. Mine gets more shade but flowers very well on the first flush, late summer gave me more blooms as well. Continue reading “Baronne Prévost rose, an update”