Gardening in the Intermountain West

Mid August Garden
After years of writing mostly about sewing, crafts and gardening I find that I have nothing left to say about the first two. About Gardening on the other end I could go on and on aloud and on the virtual page. Keeping a garden log is essential, keeping a garden blog should serve much the same purpose I hope but in Technicolor!

I garden on the East Bench of Salt Lake City Utah, on a third of an acre including the house, garage and driveway. Although our growing zone is 7 most gardeners here stick to zone 5 plants. Our climate is cold and dry in the winter and hot and dry in the summer. On good years we get enough snow on the bench to keep the plants watered and protected from the wind, and August brings rains to the thirsty lawns, borders and trees. On bad years… you get the idea. I believe that climate change is real and that a drought in the West in unavoidable. I want to keep gardening without tears and for this reason I have started minimizing our lawn and saying goodbye to water guzzlers.

Our yard is currently irrigated by sprinklers, as I make changes and remove the grass I hope to be able to transition to drips eventually. Right now I can focus on reducing the number of days we water by choosing the right plants for the right place.

Some of my favorite resources for such plants is the Plant Select website as well as local nurseries such as Millcreek Gardens and Glover Nursery.

For a few years I focused on growing roses, especially David Austin’s varieties of English Roses. Although I still love them the garden’s focus has shifted to include more diverse and more drought tolerant plants, such as sedums, ornamental grasses and cactus.


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