hard working annuals

November survivors

A small flat of four starts of flowering tobacco came home with me the day of the spring Red Butte Garden sale. Little did I know how large they would become. One specimen can hold its own in the middle of any border. The stems tend to flop terribly but the non-stop flowering even after the first frost is impressive especially on so little water. This is an experiment I hope to repeat next year given the chance.

November survivors

zinnias Moulin Rouge

Every years I start zinnias from seeds, always in different colors, never the same. This year though they were particularly wonderful and Moulin Rouge by Renee’s Garden seeds might have to make a come back next year. The flowers were diverse in shapes but blended superbly in shades of red. The germination rate was high and the flowers long lasting. In fact, the few stems I left in peace are still showing off in Technicolor.

November survivors

Two additional annuals picked up from the sale were Black Pearl ornamental peppers and the porcupine tomato, both are did well with moderate water. The peppers were striking by the dark red DH rose Darcy Bussell. I will find ways of repeating this combo next year. Back peppers should become increasingly available as they pop up all over the better known garden blogs all the time.

Late August 2015

I will end this short list with the most drought tolerant of all the annuals in our garden. Started from seeds from Baker’s Creek, these sensation candy stripe cosmos were not to be believed. Growing in a narrow hell strip by a smoldering cinderblock wall they rose to four feet tall and flowered relentlessly from the end of July to October. Some of my neighbors seem to get blooms earlier on sites that self-seeded. We will see next spring the extent of the invasion in our own garden.

Mid August GardenMid August Garden


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