preserving jalapeños


A friend has been sharing her enormous harvest of spicy peppers with us. I was in shock when I saw her vegetable garden the first time. Never did I anticipate that a jalapeños pepper plant could reach three high and 2 feet wide. This amazing growth seem to be the result of compost+soaker hoses+black plastic landscaping fabric/tarp. The tomato plants there grow higher than I stand. Impressive.

I like to pickle vegetables ahead of the holidays as I think they make an interesting option to nibbles on at parties, but more practically pickled jalapeños are great in sandwiches or so my husband tells me.


I followed David Lebovitz‘s pickled jalapeños recipe. It does not require many ingredients and has a more moderate sugar content than most. The pickles should be eaten fairly quickly, apparently within 2 months. I don’t think that will be quite possible! On the up side they will be ready in merely a week and without any of the labor involved with canning.


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