2015 Red Butte Garden orchid show


The Red Butte Garden Orchid show is held in the conservatory located right next to the main/administrative building. It’s a heavenly place to spend of moment admiring improbably exotic blooms. This event is hosted by the botanical garden but presented by the Utah Orchid Society.

sale table from Orchid Dynasty
sale table from Orchid Dynasty

Now, I am no orchid grower but I frequently enjoy them in the house. Of course these orchids are all purchased from Trader Joe, unlabeled, and are (gaps!) thrown away when their blooms fade. I wish I could meet an orchid rescuer that would take them off my hands as I always feel terrible guilt when they are pitched into the compost bin. Longevity with indoor plants is not my forte, being more of a minimalist inside, hoarding plants past their prime does not do. For a considerably wider selection of Orchids, the sale table from Orchid Dynasty, a flower shop in the 9th & 9th area was a sight to behold. Truly impressive.



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