agave 1.0

a new kid on the Table of Pain (patent pending)

I have an agave at last. Its origins are modest, as proletarian as they get actually: the Home Depot on 33rd South. This is just not the season to be looking for agaves, but somehow the HD doesn’t get it, in fact they pay no attention whatsoever to the season or the hardiness zone… It’s as if they use a great portal of randomness and out pops WHATEVER!


My agave was waiting for me, surrounded by pups on a dark shelf bearing the dubious Agave Asstd label. The label gave me pause and I took a couple of days to ponder if bringing back this unnamed, probably not zone-7 hardy succulent was such a good idea. In the end scarcity won over reason.

No sooner had we made it home that an email was sent to the Dangerous Gardener. She identified it pronto as Agave Potatorum. It is sadly not hardy in our zone, but come on… with a name like that we were made for each other.

if you squint it is possible to detect variegation on the leaves

Potting was a chaotic affair after I accidentally dropped the pot from a good height and it landed face down. The pups did not fare well, three were saved. The agave itself looks nothing like a potato but instead sits like a queen amongst men, I mean plants.



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