Rescuing Opuntias


We work on our house…a lot, which means we visit the HD regularly where I rescue little succulents. This weekend I crossed a line but only for a couple of darling Opuntia. I should not, of course encourage the sale of defaced cacti but this was a named (LOL!) opuntia microdasys albata. I love the white dots, cuter cactus has never been seen IMHO.

On the right you might notice the lack corn/straw flowers. That is because I was able to simply pluck it off while still in the store. OH LOOK! it fell off!


I had to break off a pad to rid the other of the last of the pink stuff. I wonder if they punish kindergarten children somewhere by handing them a glue gun and telling them to just “go for it”! In fact the flowers and the glue combined  strain the pads enough to require emergency stakes (see top picture). I am hoping the little one recovers.




4 thoughts on “Rescuing Opuntias

    1. Hello Heather, thank you for stopping by my blog. I honor of your comment I am going to post something today!!! hehe


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