cactus surgery, alas


A friend passed on to me this giant 4-5 feet San Pedro cactus and what should happen to it but murder… In the name of a basket no less.

Total devastation preceded a feverish google search. I decided to attempt an emergency graft. It might succeed it might not, time will tell. If not I will dry the wound of the large upper section and replant it while the lower version will look horrible until it hopefully branches out. Plant homicide is not what I had in mind but here you have it, sh#t happens.

On a lighter note and with the garden under snow I think I will share a few pictures of my woven pieces. My elderly cat Romeow passed away and this shawl below named “Ciel & Terre” (Heaven & Earth) is a tribute to him.

twilight garden in MayCiel et Terre shawl (Heaven and Earth)

Here I am wearing it for scale (with accidentally matching socks!!):

Ciel et Terre shawl (Heaven and Earth)

It’s a very soft piece, with hand dyed yarns, some of them contain cashmere. I am happy with the overall atmospheric effect. It will travel over the ocean soon to warm the shoulder of a loved one, my mother, another cat lover.

Crackle weave

Next on the small loom, a block weave by the scented (stinky) geranium. I am not yet ready for spring to come. We need the water the snow provides here in the West and it’s been a good year so far, with spectacular powder skiing ALL DAY today, but if you disagree I recommend this explosion of color from Hedgerow Rose.


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