mail-order tillandsia


On the occasion of Valentine’s day I decided to save Thomas the trouble of going out for cut flowers and ordered a few tillandsias from {Air Plant Supply Co}. The plants made their way from Florida to Utah very quickly. I ordered them on a Monday to insure they would be here before the long weekend. The size of the xerographicas were just as awesome as advertised and the cost very reasonable when compared with the exorbitant offerings locally.

Because the air is so dry in the house, from a combination of climate, wood burning and forced air I soak the plants about 30minutes twice a week. I skip misting as it is futile in this environment.

Tillandsias move around a lot, it’s the privilege of something not bound to a pot. It may perche itself anywhere it pleases.I hope mine will survive. The very first I killed, being under the delusion that it could live almost indefinitely on air (shame).

edit: the tillandsias shown here are Large Xerographicas, a large Butzii, a large Harrisii, and a Juncifolia.


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