earth day on the Butte

Japanese Cobra Lily


I love meeting new plants, strange fellows that seem completely improbable. This morning we spotted these Japanese Cobra lily – Arisaema sikokianum- zone 4-9.

Japanese Cobra Lily

The cyclamen in the background gives you an idea of scale, each plant had a singular flower. I will keep an eye on these ladies…

Pearlbush "the bride"


A favorite shrub year after year is this Pearlbush – Exochorda x macrantha “the bride”- zone 4 to 7. I was mistaken for a long while thinking of this marvel as a pea shrub, another favorite of mine. I only wish pea shrubs bloomed like this!

That about wraps it up for today, the work we have been doing in our own yard is so enormous that I would not even know how to start posting about it! I must though…documenting the progress of a garden is not wasting digital ink.



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