red goes with everything

Red goes with everything

Today we are entering day 4 of rain here in Salt Lake city. I am in heaven and celebrating all red things happening around the garden! This weekend I moved plants around under the downpour, getting soaked to the bone and loving every minute of it. Last night before Thomas had to leave town for business I begged him to help me transplant a large-ish prostrate cut-leaf Japanese maple. It was a huge risk and  big job that may or may not pay off. I suspect that we did not manage to save enough of the root system but who knows, with the terrible weather it could work. What stresses me most about it is that it looks so good in its new home…
Red goes with everythingRed goes with everything

It’s enormous, bits of it look great with a backdrop of hostas or anchusa azurea, bronze fennel and a few bulbs of fritillary persica.
Red goes with everythingRed goes with everything

Red can be found behind my treasured (not grafted!!!) Siberian pea bush, a cotinus slowly gets settled there and another red maple overlooks my new dry creek bed. I love that little hardscaping project. We used stones and pavers we unearthed from digging around the garden. It costs us nothing but our (backbreaking) labor (of love)!

Red goes with everything

Finally, red looks good with muddy boots, boots made to go fishing that crossed the ocean and a continent. More blooms to come and maybe an update on the maple transplant project.


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