the climbers and the vinyl philosophy


If there is one think I dislike about my garden, one thing I have to live with no matter what it is the white vinyl fence erected between our lots by my neighbors. I have a large garden for this part of the city and as such an insurmountably large wall of white blinding plastic to look at. This obstacle/limitation has become a mental tool I use to try and make peace with circumstances or facts I dislike but cannot improve. I am designing my garden not to desperately hide the fence but as if it did not exist. I hope someday my eyes will no longer  be blinded by its harsh plastic-ness and will simply forget it is here. I have been in this garden eight years and it has yet to happen!

One of the tricks I employ to break up the white is trellises, I had relied on some rather wimpy big-box-store supports the past two years but last weekend Thomas helped me make this wood and re-bar six-foot tall trellis for some young clematis. We will make another Identical model for a purple lonicera.

The clematis is “Guernsey cream” and I’ll admit right away that untangling it from the previous support was completely nerve racking. I paused a lot and ended up with only one casualty. I think ultimately there will be more than one vine on this support. I hope to procure either a chocolate vine (perennial) or a hyacinth bean vine (annual) to supplement the clematis and give it something to twine on.

First efforts at spinning

The casualty .


2 thoughts on “the climbers and the vinyl philosophy

    1. Thank you Loree, anything to distract (but not hide, that is futile) from the fence is good in my book. In your climate I bet I could cramscape the border enough to actually hide the entire fence!


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