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In Utah roses that are elsewhere more or less everblooming really only have a spectacular show of blooms in the spring before the temperatures climb into the 90’s. By the summer the blooms are rare and if we are lucky fall sees another flush, rarely as spectacular as spring’s. This seems to be true of English or Hybrid Tea roses but less so of shrub roses. The Iceberg rose, often mocked for being too ubiquitous is splendid in our climate. 

This bush was purchased from a local nursery only last year. I came for something else but stopped in my tracks at the sight of the most robust specimen I had ever seen in a container rose. Long story short the cashier was furious when I brought it to check out. You see it was apparently not ment for us mere customers but for herself. What an unpleasant bunch! I left with my prize never to return. My friend T recently had another horrid experience there so it was not just my imagination. If you need a good place to find plants with knowledgeable friendly staff members I recommend Millcreek Nursery and Smith Marketplace on 33rd south. There is also Glover nursery on the west side, the selection is incredible but the staff is made up of catalogue consulting novices, a consequence of the scale of the operation I think. More positively the lesson here is that sometimes the obvious choice is the right choice, not all plants need to be rare or singular. When working within the confines of a difficult climate  it pays to look around and find what works in water thrifty gardens.

Tomorrow I will attend “Localscape University” at the Conservation Garden Park. It’s a very exciting opportunity to learn about climate appropriate landscaping. As we have already started the slow transition to a waterwise front garden I will either find validation in the classes or find all I did wrong so far!




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