Firewood accomplished

fire wood 2018

Last Saturday morning was spent sorting and splitting a cord of the least impressive firewood we ever had delivered to us. It’s our fault, you wait that late in the season and you’ll get expensive gnarly left-overs. Lesson hard-learned. The wood shelter is holding most of the cord which is a happy surprise. Especially since it has finally started raining and snow is in the forecast. I am making a point of bringing in bags of the wood that didn’t fit in and using it first.

fire wood 2018

I am quite proud of the pile, it was my job to organize the wood as best I could in the shelter and even though my dad would be super underwhelmed I am pleased. Plus he will not be back in the US before the pile is consumed so I am safe on that one. side-note: My dad has worked in forestry almost all his life.



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