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Hi! My name is Juliette, I am a French transplant to Utah. This gardening blog focuses on my observations gardening on a midsize suburban lot on the East Bench of Salt Lake City, in Holladay. On the Bench we are said to be located in zone 7 but most gardeners here stick to zone 5 plants. The most important factor of our climate in my opinion is our lack of rain fall and sweltering summers, the Salt Lake Valley is a high altitude desert through and through.

My husband and I have owned our house since 2007 but I only started evaluating our existing landscaping seriously in 2012. Therefore most plants, tree and bushes are still relatively young.

Every year I remove a bit more lawn in the spring and plant a new bed of drought tolerant perennials and small shrubs.

I hope with this blog to create a record of the evolution of our garden and to meet others if only virtually who share the same dream of glorious gardens in the Intermountain West.

99% of the photography on this website is mine, the remaining 1% is attributed to its source. I love to Photograph plants and use either a full frame canon digital camera or my Motorola cell phone.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. WOW Loree!
      Thank you for commenting on my new blog. You are officially the very first comment and the crazy thing is… Your blog is one of my absolute favorites. I tell everyone about it… In fact I credit a bit part of my sudden interest in Cactus to you, ironic since I live in the dry and you in the wet!

      Anyway, your comment really gave me a rush of encouragement!


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