Overwintering Geraniums


I remember spotting white geraniums on Scandinavian blogs in the dead of winter. It was a mystery… where does one source such a thing? Continue reading “Overwintering Geraniums”


castor bean’s deadly attraction

Botanical Interests castor bean seeds
Botanical Interests castor bean seeds

In planning next year’s garden I need to prioritize what can be started from seeds and what should be bought as starts. I have no growing beds, no lamps and only a small plastic greenhouse without a heater that lets me take advantage of the very early season sales of things like herbs, tomatoes and the like. It would also be a wonderful place to grow radishes and cold weather greens. Continue reading “castor bean’s deadly attraction”

hard working annuals

November survivors

A small flat of four starts of flowering tobacco came home with me the day of the spring Red Butte Garden sale. Little did I know how large they would become. One specimen can hold its own in the middle of any border. The stems tend to flop terribly but the non-stop flowering even after the first frost is impressive especially on so little water. This is an experiment I hope to repeat next year given the chance. Continue reading “hard working annuals”