Bamboo: a first look

     Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017

This June during my French trip I visited my aunt and uncle in Chateuneuf-sur- Cher. They are exceptional gardener, their potager (veggie garden) is legendary.  When they are not tending their own plot they also dig at a nearby community garden. This garden is flanked by a river ( Le Cher) and a bamboo grove. The size of the canes are epic and I was completely mesmerized. In the photo above my uncle Pierre-Yves who is thin and tall  walk amongst the towering canes.  Continue reading “Bamboo: a first look”


the unthinkable

the horrible day

It’s hard to choose a picture to lead with when writing a blog post on ones garden being severely devastated by spring hail.  The shredded leaves broken blooms and fallen branches are everywhere you turn. I cried earnestly twice but mostly for most of all for the hostas, all of them ruined. Here is a short tour through the sad mess left behind. Continue reading “the unthinkable”