Bamboo: a first look

     Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017

This June during my French trip I visited my aunt and uncle in Chateuneuf-sur- Cher. They are exceptional gardener, their potager (veggie garden) is legendary.  When they are not tending their own plot they also dig at a nearby community garden. This garden is flanked by a river ( Le Cher) and a bamboo grove. The size of the canes are epic and I was completely mesmerized. In the photo above my uncle Pierre-Yves who is thin and tall  walk amongst the towering canes.  Continue reading “Bamboo: a first look”


Red Butte Garden, Late October 2017

Red Butte is splendid most days, but during the fall on a clear sunny day no place in Salt Lake City can compare. A friend and I visited last week, just for the chance to run our hands through mounds of ornamental grass such as the blue gramma above. Continue reading “Red Butte Garden, Late October 2017”

roses and the Utah gardener part 3

picture credits: Ruby Voodoo Rose.
picture credits: Ruby Voodoo Rose.

Which rose to choose for drought tolerance is not necessarily a guessing game. Horticulturists in Texas have done a lot of work for us on that subject and created a list called Earth-Kind Roses. These shrubs are selected to survive drought, cold and disease with minimal intervention. My favorites on the list are pink: The Fairy (polyantha), Cecile Brunner (polyantha), New Dawn (large flowered climber). Continue reading “roses and the Utah gardener part 3”


picture credits: Down to E Earth in Eugene, OR.
picture credits: Down to  Earth in Eugene, OR.

Ollas… nice looking clay pots you pay a lot for and then proceed to burry to the hilt in dry parts of your garden to irrigate a few plant efficiently. Ollas, I need you, but I refuse to dig you out in the winter… what to do… what to do?  I think I will do a test run for the  hellstrip along our detached garage with two clay pots joined together at the rim with calk such as those.

the hellstrip is on the right of the path. Cosmos don't seem to mind the dire lack of water but lesser plants have perished there.
the hellstrip is on the right of the path. Cosmos don’t seem to mind the dire lack of water but lesser plants have perished there.

Two reed grasses (variety unknown) are doing well in the space but I would like some “Little Spire” Russian Sage to thrive in this site. The plants I put there this spring look tiny and anemic still. Confession time: All Russian sages fail in my garden, apparently they need more water than they receive where I tuck them in. It a sore point for me, every one can grow Russian sages apparently… Maybe the ollas will be the key. If not it’s bye bye sage, no fuss, no buts, no coconuts!