Bamboo: a first look

     Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017Family fiesta Châteauneuf #2 2017

This June during my French trip I visited my aunt and uncle in Chateuneuf-sur- Cher. They are exceptional gardener, their potager (veggie garden) is legendary.  When they are not tending their own plot they also dig at a nearby community garden. This garden is flanked by a river ( Le Cher) and a bamboo grove. The size of the canes are epic and I was completely mesmerized. In the photo above my uncle Pierre-Yves who is thin and tall  walk amongst the towering canes.  Continue reading “Bamboo: a first look”


Wednesday vignette, crop circles

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 8.57.36 PM

Whenever we are visiting my family in the Berry (France center region), my husband and I love to take the time to drive to Sancerre, a town known for it’s singular beauty and its wines. We love both equally of course! On the way we noticed these crop circles. The landscape of rolling hills made them easy to spot and admire.

Les Jardins du Prioré Notre Dame d’Orsan

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 8.36.58 PM

After falling off the blogging wagon it seems impossible to get back on but I have worked so hard the last two years on transforming our garden into a more cohesive and drought tolerant space that it seems a shame not to document it at all. I will start with small steps including pictures of some well known French gardens I was lucky to visit this summer.

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