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In Utah roses that are elsewhere more or less everblooming really only have a spectacular show of blooms in the spring before the temperatures climb into the 90’s. By the summer the blooms are rare and if we are lucky fall sees another flush, rarely as spectacular as spring’s. This seems to be true of English or Hybrid Tea roses but less so of shrub roses. The Iceberg rose, often mocked for being too ubiquitous is splendid in our climate.  Continue reading “white”


roses and the Utah gardener part 3

picture credits: Plantselect.org. Ruby Voodoo Rose.
picture credits: Plantselect.org. Ruby Voodoo Rose.

Which rose to choose for drought tolerance is not necessarily a guessing game. Horticulturists in Texas have done a lot of work for us on that subject and created a list called Earth-Kind Roses. These shrubs are selected to survive drought, cold and disease with minimal intervention. My favorites on the list are pink: The Fairy (polyantha), Cecile Brunner (polyantha), New Dawn (large flowered climber). Continue reading “roses and the Utah gardener part 3”