Les Jardins du Prioré Notre Dame d’Orsan

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After falling off the blogging wagon it seems impossible to get back on but I have worked so hard the last two years on transforming our garden into a more cohesive and drought tolerant space that it seems a shame not to document it at all. I will start with small steps including pictures of some well known French gardens I was lucky to visit this summer.

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red goes with everything

Red goes with everything

Today we are entering day 4 of rain here in Salt Lake city. I am in heaven and celebrating all red things happening around the garden! This weekend I moved plants around under the downpour, getting soaked to the bone and loving every minute of it. Last night before Thomas had to leave town for business I begged him to help me transplant a large-ish prostrate cut-leaf Japanese maple. It was a huge risk and  big job that may or may not pay off. I suspect that we did not manage to save enough of the root system but who knows, with the terrible weather it could work. What stresses me most about it is that it looks so good in its new home… Continue reading “red goes with everything”

Osage oranges


Macular Pomifera aka Osage orange or hedge apple produces quantities of fruit that will not be ignored. Size, shape, color, texture, scent… everything about them screams for attention. This online article by the Great Planes Nature Center in Kansas indicated that the Pomifera trees were kept as shrub hedges originally to fence in property, the branches are covered in large thorns. I tested their sharp edge today when picking up the fruits and they are very painful. I can see how cattle might think twice before risking an encounter with the trees. Continue reading “Osage oranges”

Cotinus my love…

November 2015

Recently a friend and I were lamenting the sad looking leaves on our Japanese maples. All of them, regardless of color and location had been singed by the summer heat. At this moment I said to her: “We could do so much better!”. It got me thinking and by the evening I had realized that my favorite shrubs/trees would be great substitutes in our too dry and too sunny sites. Cotinus come is so many shades these days that four already cohabit in our backyard.

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