Powerhouse plants

Here I list plants that are worth your time and money, I have personal experience with these plants and have been growing them for at least two season or my close friends have:

Full sun

Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm, Black Eyed Susan.

How,Where,How many?

These flowers do best in my garden in full sun. They do not require a lot of water but if the soil is poor (hard clay) they might take a while to get settled. They reseed well and will fill up nicely very quickly. Their seeds are the delight of Finches. Long lived flowers. good fall interest.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 3.02.56 PM


Brunnera Jack Frost

This plant is incredible, you can divide it at will and the next year you will enjoy full plants. The spring flowers are a wonderful blue and when passed the leaves take over the show for months to come. They are much easier to grow than Hostas. Plant single or en masse. Makes a great underplanting for peonies. These photos were taken less than two months apart.

Late May, late evening garden stroll End of June garden at dusk